Do you build other structures that are not homes?

Our panels are best suited for housing; however, we can build structures of all sizes. It all depends on the design and needs of the building. If you do not require all of the benefits of our material, we might not be the best fit for your project.

What is the cost compared to stick-built homes?

Cost is one of our most frequently asked questions. You will be happy to know that our homes are cost-comparable to traditional stick-built homes, based on the design. 

What is the rough cost per sqft of living space for the building envelope?

$80/sqft including installation on site, less windows and doors and interior finishing.  This will change up or down depending on the design, size, dimensions, roof, and any additional structural if required for the build but this is a good starting point for estimate. Additionally to this would be travel costs and freight depending on your location.

Can you work off of other design drawings?

Yes! With our in-house draftsman, we can take your plans and make the designs work with our panels. 

Do you provide design renderings or blueprints?

Yes! Once you have your initial discovery meeting, we will book you in for a design consultation where you will meet with our designer to discuss plans. They will then send you renderings and blueprints to review.

What is the R-value?

Our homes are built with 6-inch panels and provide an effective R-30 with ZERO thermal bridging.

What size thicknesses do your panels come in?

We have various sizes based on the level of insulation the project requires. Starting from 1 inch to 6 inches. 

How do the walls and roof go together?

We do not use nails, screws or mechanical joints. Instead, every panel is laminated/ glassed together using our specialized building process. This is what helps give our builds strength and energy efficiency.

Will this material save me money?

With our seamless connection, we achieve nearly 2x more energy-efficient homes than conventional. We are also significantly improving the home’s durability and strength. We also use fewer materials than conventional and require less labour. You are saving on energy, maintenance, materials and more.

Do you recycle the bottles yourself?

No, we use a third-party, global distributor for bottle processing. The raw recycled foam panels are shipped to us. We then apply our design and lamination system to the panels.