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These designs offer you an efficient building process that also showcases the style of homes that work best with our material.

Every design can be customized or adjusted.

Steps towards building your dream home

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Modern Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse is equipped with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a total of 3066sqft of living space. The home also features a 576sqft rooftop deck, perfect for enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. With energy-efficient features, this modern farmhouse is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly, providing a comfortable and sustainable space for families to call home.

Dimensions sqft

Main Floor (1209)
Downstairs (1209)
Upstairs primary suite (650)
Roof top deck (576)

Modular Show Home For Sale

This home is ready to move and ready to be lived in right now. It’s sized for modern living, cheap to heat and cool (solar-ready if desired). Not only is this home made from sustainable materials, but it is designed for extreme durability with little upkeep.


  • 497 sqft
  • Comfortable living space
  • Full Kitchen
  • Baseboard heating
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Starting at $125,000

The entire showhome unit can be purchased with interior design staging at an additional cost.

Recent Project (Millet, AB)

This multi-dimensional home started as a hand rendering by the client and was brought to reality by our in-house design draftsman. This project made headlines.

Dimensions sqft

Living space (2273)
Downstairs (1860)
Upstairs (413)
Garage (613 )

Breezeway Chalet

The Breezeway Chalet is cabin-inspired and full of individuality. With the two separated living quarters connected by an open breezeway, this innovative design creates a whimsical space for any homeowner. The flat roof opens the upper levels, providing an additional 375sqft of rooftop deck. Although this home appears to be an intricate build, it actually works perfectly with our panels.

Dimensions sqft

Each living and bedroom quarter (456)
Breezeway (200)

Approximately 704,256 plastic bottles are recycled and used to make the Breezeway Chalet.

Shaded Orchid

This design concept was inspired by Japanese origins, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between physical elements. Rich, oak beams supporting towering trestles make for an eye-catching statement piece. The dark shades of the home contrast well with any environment, complementing the traditional Japanese outdoor/indoor relationship.

Dimensions sqft

Indoor living (1,257)
Garage space (208)

Approximately 696,768 plastic bottles are recycled and used to make the Shaded Orchid.

Vineyard Villa

Devised with hints of modern and traditional Scandinavian elements, the Vineyard Villa provides an eclectic and masculine space. Including off-white board and batten, dark windows, and black doors – this home showcases a simple yet eye-catching monochromatic exterior sure to compliment any surroundings.

An attached garage allows for plenty of storage as well as space to shelter your vehicle. A protruding façade creates cozy nooks for outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s your family home or vacation destination, this chic design provides luxury and comfort and makes for the perfect summer hideaway.

Dimensions sqft
Indoor living (1,257)
Garage space (215)

Approximately 687,168 plastic bottles are recycled and used to make the Vineyard Villa.

Saskatchewan Sunrise

The Saskatchewan Sunrise reflects a Sask morning with its warm-toned exterior and front windows that allow rays of the sun to flood inside. It is one of the designs that work best with our material. The large roof-top deck has over 668 sqft of space to enjoy outside. The front entrance is shaded by a six-foot overhang of the deck above. With just over 1,537 sqft of indoor living space, this cozy cabin is perfect for enjoying time with family and friends.

Check out this design being brought to life as a cabin at Jack Fish Lake:

Dimensions sqft
Indoor living (1,537)
Main floor (986)
Upstairs (551)
Deck (668)

Approximately 656,448 plastic bottles are recycled and used to make the Saskatchewan Sunrise.

Local Haven

This three-car garage residence provides the perfect blend of modernity and simplicity. It’s an open-floor concept offering an office, bonus room, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a master bedroom with an ensuite on the upper level. The main level has laundry access, a half bath, a kitchen and butler’s pantry, a dining room, and an open living area. The exterior has a dramatic roofline to complement the contemporary aesthetic, and the exterior stones with vertical panel siding give it a rustic and natural look.

Dimensions sqft

Main floor (1205)
Garage (736)
Upstairs (1467)
Basement (1070)