Building sustainable houses for the future

Revolutionary Green Building System
We design and manufacture high-performance houses from recycled plastic bottles.

Ecoplast Panels are an alternative building material made from recycled plastic bottles.

Panels manufactured to design specs at our facility.

Flat-packed and shipped to building site.

Climate-resilient house assembled in days.

About Us

Every day, we see the increasing demand for healthier and more resilient housing solutions and the need for cleaner greener spaces. Our team is passionate about the positive impacts our breakthrough home-building system can make for people and the planet.

Building homes that are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and climate-resilient.

Material for the 21st Century

Using proven technology, we are revolutionizing home construction with our building panels made from recycled plastic bottles. This is a way to get rid of plastic waste and at the same time build healthier and more resilient homes.

Green and sustainable buildings are the future of construction.

2023 Alberta Emerald Award Recipient

The Emerald Awards showcase organizations, projects, and individuals from across Alberta that are working to address environmental and climate change issues. These environmental awards celebrate excellence across all sectors, making them unique not only in Alberta but also in Canada.

2023 Chamber Of Commerce Integrity Award Recipient

As a recent recipient of the Integrity award, our business was recognized for demonstrating honourable and integral business practices within our community.

Buildings of the Future

Our homes not only help protect the environment, but they also provide exceptional energy performance and an overall better living experience that will last generations.

Environmental benefits are enhanced by promoting the reuse of plastic waste to avoid sending recoverable plastics to landfills.

Unlocking the Potential of the Circular Economy

Our world is only 8.6% circular. That means the majority of all materials the world consumes are either wasted or lost. At Ecoplast, we are making that switch from the linear ‘make-take-dispose’ economy to a circular model based on ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

This new era of home building provides the safety and resiliency needed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Future-Proofing Homes

More frequent and intense weather events are unfolding around the world.  Our technology safeguards homes against storms, floods, heatwaves, extreme colds, and fires.

The Technology

Ecoplast composite building panels are composed of a foam core made from recycled plastic bottles. The foam core is then sandwiched between laminate skins, making it incredibly strong and water resistant.

The foam core, combined with our unique application technique, produces a sealed monolithic structure that will last generations. 

Withstands Category 5 Hurricane Winds

The composite panels have been independently tested proving to withstand a sustained wind force of 326mph —that is twice the strength of a Category 5 hurricane

Panels proving their strength by withstanding vigorous hurricane winds and ocean elements.

Composites in Residential Construction

Composites have traditionally been used in the marine industry to construct ships, due to the material’s strength and low-weight features. Our patented process is the first of its kind to apply composites to residential construction.

From Bottle to Foam

Ecoplast panels represent a new application for recycled high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) made from plastic bottles. PET foams are the newest structural core materials in the composite industry. We only source PET made solely from recycled bottles.

PET foams provide a high-performing and environmentally friendly alternative to other core materials used in composite sandwich panel construction.

Precision Manufactured to Design Spec

The panels are designed by our draftsman and cut to design spec using our CNC manufacturing machine; this process accelerates production and precision.

to assemble the entire house

Rapid On-site Assembly

Since Ecoplast homes are manufactured off-site, they can be rapidly assembled on-site in as little as 14 hours.

Ecoplast panels are a stronger and greener alternative to conventional building materials used in home construction. 

The Benefits

Our building panels have proven their worth as weight-saving structures that deliver energy efficiency, strength, durability, functionality and cost effectiveness over the long term.

High-quality, resilient homes

Waterproof and withstand all forms of climate.

Precision manufactured

Panels are cut in-house using a CNC manufacturing machine.

Quick assembly

The shell is assembled in days, not months.

Recycled building material

One home utilizes more than 600,000 recycled plastic bottles.

Extremely insulated and energy efficent

Nearly twice as energy efficient as a standard constructed home.

Fixed home-building prices

No surprise costs in material pricing once your home is booked for manufacturing.

Long-term maintenance savings

No framing, siding, or shingles required.

Safe and healthy dwellings

Resilient against corrosion, mould, and degradation.

Helping you achieve a Net-Zero home.

Exceptional Value

Our structural insulated panels produce an effective R-30 value with ZERO thermal bridging, which makes this an excellent material to achieve a Net- Zero home. Other building qualifications are met through our home’s long-lasting performance, as it will not degrade, rot, or mould over time.

Each home is built to the highest standard and is more durable, air-tight, and water-tight than conventional new homes.

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