Building with Us

Resilient and energy-efficient homes begin with material. Our revolutionary green building envelope provides the speed, quality, and sustainability you have been looking for in home construction.



Erin & Darcy Schira

After meeting with the Ecoplast team, we knew we wanted to use this efficient and innovative product to build our cabin. From the helpful design stage, to being able to stand the cabin in three days, it was a great experience.

Thank you for all you have done in building us a beautiful forever cabin that we love!

Our Building Process

We are with you from the initial consultation, right through to the final day of the assembly. To get your project started, fill out the details here.

See below to review our building process.



Initial discussion to confirm our business alignment with your needs, vision, and budget.

  • Project schedule
  • Project Budget
  • Construction Budget
  • Property Selection
  • Site Information



Review and confirm the project’s requirements of local jurisdiction and parameters.

  • Permitting Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Building Bylaw Review
  • Building Code Analysis
  • Preliminary Pricing



Work with you throughout the entire documentation stage.

  • Purchase Agreement
  • Building Contract
  • Home Design Confirmation
  • Confirmed Engineer Stamp
  • Building Permit Application
  • New Home Warranty Approval
  • Landscape Design (other)
  • Interior Design (other)



We require two to four months from the time of deposit to the manufacturing of Ecoplast Panels. During this time, the builder should prepare the site for delivery of the panels.

  • Ecoplast Panel Manufacturing
  • Site Preparation (other)
  • Site Servicing (other)


Ecoplast Assembly

Ecoplast Assemblers rapidly assemble the panels on site.

  • Panels Delivered to Site
  • Panels Assembled
  • Windows and Door Installation
  • Interior Construction (other)
  • Landscape Construction (other)
  • Site Inspection
  • Warranty Period

Eco Plus Program

CMHC’s Eco Plus program offers a partial premium refund to homeowners who purchase climate-friendly housing. Ask us how you can qualify for this with our homes.

Get 25% of your insurance premium back with an energy efficient home.

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