About Ecoplast Homes

Our innovative and eco-friendly housing concept outperforms traditional construction in several ways.

Strong enough to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds; minimal maintenance requirements; high energy-efficiency ratings; costs are similar to conventional home construction; homeowners significantly save in long-term costs.

plastic bottles are saved from entering oceans and landfills for every Ecoplast House that is built

Helping you achieve a Net-Zero home.

Exceptional Value

Our structural insulated panels produce an effective R-30 value with ZERO thermal bridging, which makes this an excellent material to achieve a Net-Zero home. Other building qualifications are met through our home’s long-lasting performance, as it will not degrade, rot, or mould over time.

Delivering you a lifetime of energy and maintenance savings.

Significant ROI

Life Cycle Cost Analysis is vital to sustainable designs and construction decision-making process. The structural shell of our homes is cost-comparable to traditional built homes of the same size. However, the long-term value comes with significant ROI due to the performance, durability, and maintenance features of our homes.

Assembling your house in days, not months.

Speed to Market

In as little as two days, we can have the shell of your home assembled—providing you with confident build times and speed to market. The design and manufacturing can be completed in as little as 2-3 months.

The strength and acoustical properties of our panels are unmatched.

Safe and Sound

The strength proves to withstand 326mph wind speeds. The acoustics have also been tested at 250 to 1,600 Hz, which greatly obtains domestic and industrial noise.

Homes built entirely out of our panels do not require additional structural steel or wood.

Compatible Building System

Ecoplast panels are compatible with many exterior finishing and building materials. The exteriors can be finished with vinyl, cladding, paint etc. The interiors are strapped to channel electrical and drywall.

ASTM certified for North America / Europe proving to be nearly 2x more efficient than a standard wood construction home.

Significant Reduction in Energy Costs

Ecoplast homes offer excellent thermal insulating properties with an effective R-30 and ZERO thermal bridging.  For every home that is built, we estimate savings of $55,000-70,000 CAD dollars over 25 years.

Utilizing a low-carbon approach to home construction.

Reduction in C02 Emissions

CO2 reductions are recognized in our recycled foam core material as it uses 37% less CO2 compared to virgin PET, 50% less than comparable building foams, 50% less than XPS, and 53% less than PU foam materials. Emissions are also reduced in time savings, energy efficiency, and on-site waste.

Durability is one of the most important features of our sustainably-built homes.

Built to Last Generations

Our panels are impermeable to water and stand resilient against all forms of climate. It is truly a “lock up and leave” home that requires no maintenance during unattended periods.

Offering you a rooftop deck or terrace at no additional cost.

Additional Living Space at No Cost

Ecoplast designs typically include a useable rooftop deck or terrace on flat-roof models because there are no additional structural costs due to the monolithic strength of our homes.

Optional Class A Fire Rating application to protect your home against flames.

Fire Retardant Barrier

Our panels, combined with a specified exterior application, can attain a Class A Fire Rating. This application process will not release incandescent particles, nor will the flames propagate. The foam core is also less toxic if burned and has a lower calorific value than other comparable insulation materials and foams.

Significantly reducing long-term maintenance and upkeep costs.

Low Maintenance and Less Materials

Maintenance is drastically reduced because our homes are chemically bonded together and do not require additional framing, siding, or roof shingles. Solar applications can be applied without having to worry about shingle replacement underneath the solar equipment.

Ensuring your material prices do not fluctuate.

No Surprise Costs

There are no surprise costs in material pricing once your home is booked for manufacturing. Once the design is finalized, the panels are sent for manufacturing and prices do not change.

Reducing construction labour and on-site noise.

Smaller Construction Teams

Labour costs and construction noise are significantly reduced with our process. The lightweight pre-designed panels are shipped to the site, where trained Ecoplast Assemblers rapidly erect your home in hours.

Achieving near-ZERO construction waste.

Eliminating Wasted Materials

On-site construction waste is significantly reduced to near ZERO as the building system is designed and pre-manufactured in our facility under controlled conditions.

Using less than 50/GJ per year compared to a typical new home using 83/GL.

EnerGuide rating and report

Our product’s EnerGuide* rating and report are based on data collected and, where necessary, presumed from the home’s evaluation. Rating calculations are made using standard operating conditions. A typical home uses 83/GJ per year; whereas, our homes use less than 50/GJ per year — making them nearly 2x more efficient.

Click here to download the full EnerGuide report.

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